Anthony Drago

Anthony Drago

Project Manager / Web Designer / Artist

I started business as Drago Designs in early 2009 after completing several successful web design and graphic art projects for local government and non profit organizations. What I started as a past time quickly grew by word of mouth and I found that I myself was in need of a website and some help from a few talented friends.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work for some pretty awesome organizations and people, most of which I still continue to work for. Long lasting relationships is what we’re all about here. Trends change, technologies change but we’ve been trusted time and again to help address whatever challenges arise…and that’s a great feeling.

Besides my work at Drago Designs, I have dedicated over 25 years as a law enforcement professional in the City of White Plains, NY. Achieving the rank of Lieutenant in 2013, my most recent assignment being Executive Officer of the Administration and Training Division.

One of my greatest blessings (besides my family) is that I never had to give up on my first love of writing and performing music. As the drummer of New York Hardcore Punk outfits Killing Time and Breakdown, I’ve been playing professionally since the age of 17 and have had the opportunity to perform throughout the US, Europe and Asia.